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Teaching Philosophy

Our teaching philosophy is rooted in creating responsible, disciplined, and confident young adults through the art of dance. We believe that through the vehicle of dance, one learns valuable life lessons such as teamwork, self-discipline, respect, and creative expression. 

Beyond the character development dance brings, we also believe in the recreational and creative benefits of the activity. We want our dancers, at all levels, to have fun and enjoy the activity. 

At On Your Toes, our instructors work with each individual to encourage personal growth. When our students master a skill or take the stage at a performance, they experience the reward for all of their hard-work and satisfaction of their discipline paying off. This important life lesson translates beyond the studio and the stage and into the character of each young dancer. 

Class Philosophy

We believe to properly learn the art of Dance and the various styles within, you must master technique along the way.  By utilizing a "progressions" approach, where new skills build upon the technique of previously learned skills, we are able to maintain a safe learning environment. Ultimately, this approach allows the athlete to eventually develop advanced skills which would not be possible without a mastery and understanding of the previously learned technique. 

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